Self Administered data and tax analysis

We provide tax data, MLS listing sheets and all data available to us including 5 to 10 listings that have sold or are currently listed in your immediate vicinity .  You provide the analysis!  This method will not give you a hard number but it will allow you to determine a value range.   This is a economical method that will give you the tools to negotiate a price for a sale between friendly parties or determine a listing price for a sale.  This would not be effective when an exact number is needed.


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Full Appraisal  (High end or complicated)

High end or complicated appraisals are difficult and time consuming to complete.  If you feel that your home is a high end home or has unusual features such as a lake, a large amount of acreage, or very large out buildings, we reserve the right to charge on a case by case bases.   

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Full Appraisal

The full appraisal would be the most accurate and thorough.  An appraiser will inspect the interior of the subject home. Measure the footprint, drive by all comparables and take photos of all rooms in the home.  This product would be recommended when the house is somewhat unique, for legal proceedings, if the parties involved are not amicable or if the home owner needs the most accurate value for a sale.


Desktop analysis

This product would be effective if you need an actual number.  An actual appraiser will examine all the data available on the MLS and on tax records. The appraiser will complete a form and determine an actual value.  This would be a product that a bank would use to determine a value on a property where the home owners are not cooperating with a foreclosure, or an estate valuation for tax purposes.


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